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Teen Titan Hush Icontest
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This community is moderated by Megan(megan23352), Becca(triedtoholdonto) and Mary(tainee).
Only the mods and banner makers need posting access.

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Submission ends Friday 30 June//Voting ends Sunday 2 July

1.Respect one another, Any bashing, dislike of the character and pairing will not be tolerated. You will be banned from the community and disqualified.

2.If you take a icon, remember to credit the icon-maker. Don't make us go hunting for you and make you credit.

3.Only the mods, and banner makers need posting access. If you ask we'll just laugh at you.

4.If you didn't win, please be considerate. Congratulate the winners, pat your back and say you gave your best. There's always a next time right?

5.This is not a Graphics community. If you would like to display your graphics please go to titan_graphics

6.Absolutely no promotion is to come in any post. Please ask to affiliate us first and we'll pimp you on one of our challenge post.

7.If you have any questions about the community, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Contact Info is underneath.

8.Good Luck and Enjoy!!!

1.You can enter up to 2 icons.

2.The theme/challenge will be posted every Monday at 6pm (Singapore Time), That is 8+ GMT. You have until Friday 6pm to submit your icons. The Voting period is Friday-Sunday, Voting ends 6pm Sunday.

3.Results will be announced after voting ends.

4.If you are late for submission. Do not even think about entering your icon.. It will be disqualified.

5.The Categories are, 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Special Category, and Mod's Choice.

6.This is a Teen Titan Hush Icontest.. All icons must have no text whatsoever. If it does, we will disqualify that icon or ask you to remake it.

7.Tiny Text is allowed just as long the text isn't readable.

8. Different language characters count as text. You are not allowed to use them in your icons.

9.Every 5th week you are allowed to put text as a tribute to members =D

1.You can only submit your icons after the mods post the theme. Deadline is Friday 6pm.

2.The icon/s you make must be Textless and must follow the theme, (ie. faceless). And go submit a icon which has the face of a character and has text.

3.Please put 'teen titans go!' if you have read the rules. Don't worry, you only need to do it the first time you enter.

4.Please upload your icons using Photobucket or Imageshack.

5.The icon you submit must not have been shown to anyone else before you submit it! Such as your user pic, icon journal etc.

6.When posting your entry, please submit at the theme post. Don't worry.. all entries are screened.

example of an entry.

teen titans go!

1.Comment at the post with all the icons in a table, all comments are screened. Please vote in this order.
First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:

2.Please consider before you vote. If the Special Category is Most Creative, Choose a icon which is most creative, not a simple and plain one!

3.You may vote for your icon just as long as you feel it really deserves it.

4.Don't go advertising your icon, telling everyone to vote for your icon.. We'll disqualify you.

5.When you vote, don't just vote for your friend because there your friend, be creative!

6.No CHEATING! Don't get a group of friends to vote for your icon and you win.

Congratz if you won!
A banner made specially for you will come very soon.

Please upload to your own server and put it anywhere!

Example of Banner coming soon..

Any questions, just e-mail us

Mod: megan23352
E-mail: violet_gurl_@hotmail.com
iJournal: megan_iconage

Mod: triedtoholdonto
E-mail: boundlessconfidence@gmail.com
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Mod: tainee
E-mail: titangirl55@yahoo.com
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amelia_124,tainee,triedtoholdonto,megan23352, sushiwitch
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